Introducing Fujifilm's Virtual Grid

As the leader in digital radiography image processing, Fujifilm is proud to introduce Virtual Grid. Virtual Grid processing corrects for the effects of scatter radiation that would otherwise reduce image contrast and clarity for images acquired without an anti-scatter grid.

Virtual Grid™ processing enhances image contrast and clarity with up to 50% dose reduction compared to a real grid. Physical grids are commonly required for mobile imaging of large anatomy to help focus radiation and reduce scatter. Virtual Grid processing will be of great benefit to technologists for mobile imaging applications in emergency room, operating room, critical care and other exams. Virtual Grid can be applied to all body parts,* including chest, abdomen, head, spine, pelvis, upper and lower extremities.

With the ability to customize its emulated grid characteristics, Virtual Grid provides exam flexibility and eliminates image quality problems that result from improper grid alignment or focus.

By simulating actual grid use, Virtual Grid can be beneficial in many clinical scenarios (bedside, ER, OR, ICU) where positioning a physical grid can be challenging or disruptive to patient comfort.

Eliminates physical grid-related misalignment issues

Precisely tunes image contrast while suppressing image noise

Emulates a wide range of physical grid characteristics, by grid ratio, density and interspace material.

*Excluding breast imaging. Virtual Grid requires FDX Console Version 9 or greater application software.

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