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Actualizado: 7 de jul de 2018

FDR Go. The ultimate portable x-ray solution—designed with and for technologists.

FDR Go provides the exceptional image quality, gentle dose, and high efficiency you expect from Fujifilm DR, all on a sleek and nimble platform.

FDR Go is Fujifilm's latest DR portable solution, integrated for use with FDR D-EVO digital detectors, featuring Fujifilm's patented ISS technology, engineered for increased sharpness at lower doses than traditional designs.

FDR Go's quiet operation, sleek profile and friendly design are sure to bring smiles throughout the hospital, from the OR and ED, to patient rooms, the ICU, even the neonatal ICU. Go with the most advanced portable digital x-ray system available:

  • FDR Go

  • Go beyond expectations.

For more information http://orimec.com.ec/

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